Are you getting the most out of your energy dollars?

Most companies are not. But they would be if they had Taylor, the champions of efficient energy solutions, optimizing their energy management and procurement.


How does this work?

We find hidden efficiencies throughout your energy spend – ones that only careful, ongoing analysis and effective purchasing can unlock for you.

We acquire your utility and supplier data through proprietary systems and analyze how to optimize your pricing options. The overall strategic planning includes evaluating market conditions, discussing risk tolerance, and working with your business to uncover solutions.

As the energy markets trade to target levels, our experienced staff arranges and conducts a competitive auction. Our goal for your business is to uncover the most competitive price, with the best supplier, and with the proper contract terms, all of which are vital to ensuring your best deal.

Once your purchases have been made, you should expect to hear from your consultant, but do you? Your account should always be in purchasing mode, searching for your next best deal. Our process ensures that you do not need to fear missing opportunities or favorable options.



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Taylor Systems

Our systems are the most efficient and effective platforms in the energy markets today. We are empowering businesses, large and small, with ways to unlock savings. Documented results reveal savings of upward to 40% from purchasing on your own.


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We offer high-level, ongoing, and customized energy management and optimization.

  • One of the top ten largest and most innovative energy management firms in the country
  • Woman-owned business since inception in 2004
  • One of the last independent and US owned brokers remaining in the top ten
  • The only large firm specializing in the energy needs of small and mid-sized businesses
  • Experts in monitoring all deregulated markets
  • Endorsed by city governments such as Boston and Philadelphia for energy buying aggregations
  • Serving over 33,000 commercial accounts
  • Creators of industry leading energy systems, including UtilityModule and EnergyAuctions

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