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See how Taylor has helped businesses, large and small.

In 2011, a collection of Dunkin’ franchisees throughout New Jersey and New York decided to buy energy in a group format, just as they purchase other commodities.  Taylor presented our group aggregation model which is based on deep market expertise, state-of-the-art technology, optimal timing, and competitive supplier bidding. The franchisees were impressed by this model and joined with Taylor.

Over a six-year period, Taylor has expanded within the Dunkin’ network to a dozen deregulated states and thousands of stores for the procurement of electric and natural gas. Each region operates with little franchisee involvement, other than final decision making, and Taylor does the heavy lifting.

The net benefit has been a 15-20% reduction in energy spend from what that individual franchisees would have procured on their own versus the group’s performance. That has resulted in millions of dollars saved for the members.

Participants have also enjoyed the benefits of annual budgeting, savings analyses, contract and invoice tracking, as well as benchmarking store-by-store for energy performance standards.

“Dunkin’ Donuts® franchisees participating in group energy purchasing through Taylor have seen considerable cumulative savings,” said Scott Murphy, Senior Vice President, Dunkin’ Donuts® Operations U.S. & Canada.  “Energy costs are a large expense for quick service restaurants, so the ability to control and reduce these costs while making a positive impact on the environment provides a tremendous value to our franchisees”.

In 2008, Mayor Menino listened to the Boston business community and heard that electric prices were driving the small businesses from the city and was one of the top complaints without a clear solution. Later that year, Taylor was invited to pitch its group buying concept and after an extensive RFP process was awarded the citywide endorsement.

Together, the Mayor’s office and Taylor began an information campaign to acquaint local business owners with this new service offered by the City. Within 12 months, thousands of businesses had joined and Boston Buying Power (BBP) has now grown to approximately 4,000 accounts across the greater Boston area.

The initial auctions produced significant savings for BBP members and have consistently outperformed what individual customers receive in the marketplace. For example, during the 2014 polar vortex, BBP members were saving over 50% versus the comparable utility rate, and over 100% versus the market-based price of electricity.

BBP members have gained access to Boston Better Cities, Renew Boston, and Boston and Cambridge city benchmarking compliance.

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When electric deregulation began in Pennsylvania, it was a confusing and crowded landscape. There were hundreds of energy consultants, brokers and suppliers descending on Philadelphia to promote their services. It was then that Taylor met with Independence Blue Cross to present its procurement and consulting strategies.

After learning about Taylor’s 365 day energy management strategy, Independence managers realized they could more effectively navigate the energy purchasing landscape through EnergyAuctions and reduce energy consumption through UtilityModule. Over the five years following that initial discussion, Independence has been able to reduce its overall energy budgets by half through a combination of effective purchasing and energy efficiency measures. The net impact has been reduced carbon emissions, enhanced employee comfort, and bottom line savings – all big wins for the company and the City.

“As a member of the Philadelphia business community for nearly 80 years, we are committed to becoming a more efficient energy consumer — and Taylor has been a stand-out partner in helping us reach that goal”, said Chuck Stefanosky, Independence Director of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement. “The team at Taylor helped us navigate our options and find and implement solutions that serve the needs of our associates and our business.”

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