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Managing energy use and spending isn’t easy on your own.


While it’s often just a single line item on your budget, that expense is a significant one for most businesses. It’s often among the top five expenses a business incurs, and it can mean the difference between making money and going into the red. The expense is real for businesses, in both time spent managing energy, as well as “what number” you pay for energy.

How you manage your energy reflects how you manage your entire business. Let Taylor help you get in the green and stay on top of your energy spending.

Creating an energy budget is a frustrating and ineffective exercise for most managers. Taylor’s proprietary algorithms unlock the secrets of effective budgeting.

Taylor prepares your annual utility budgets through the most sophisticated process in the market. Our algorithms factor in weather, utility rates, wholesale market trading, contract activity and trends in your business to create the most accurate budget possible. Once your fixed budget is established, our engines keep churning to make sure you know immediately when conditions change and you must adjust.

Combine your energy load with similar customers to create purchasing power. Taylor has created the largest buying pools in several markets. You can join one and unlock your best pricing.

Boston Buying Power, Philly Buying Power and Dunkin’ Donuts are some examples of how aggregations can be built organically and benefit members over many years. Small businesses were invited to join each of these buying groups and now enjoy the pricing power of being a small piece of an aggregation that bids out thousands of businesses.

When suppliers compete, your business wins. In each market, for each buying group, whether large or small, there are suppliers ready to aggressively bid for your business.

EnergyAuctions is an online, reverse auction platform where Taylor invites suppliers to bid in an open and transparent manner. By combining competitive pricing with market timing and optimal aggregations, your account receives the best pricing available in the market.

Major cities are now requiring commercial properties to report utility usage and costs through Portfolio Manager. Taylor’s systems will save you time, effort and money by ensuring compliance through our automated systems.

As part of its core services, Taylor will be managing your data. So why not take advantage of having that data and complete your city benchmarking compliance? Cities like New York, Boston, Cambridge, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and many others, require commercial businesses to report their energy costs and usage through EPA Portfolio Manager. UtilityModule tracks these data points for your business and links directly into your PM account, saving time and money.

How much time do you spend opening mail, checking details, processing invoices and writing checks? Let Taylor show you the most effective and inexpensive way to process your utility bills.

If you are a multi-family property manager or have a diverse portfolio with numerous utility invoices, let Taylor process them for you. There are real costs in opening thousands of bills per month and processing them into your accounting systems. Taylor has built the proverbial better mouse trap and can deliver this efficiency to your business.

Want to go green and discover opportunities to save energy? Whether buying solar credits, installing LED lighting or financing a capital energy project, let Taylor be your champion.

There are hundreds of ways to improve energy efficiency, and new technology is expanding that list every day. The project that is best for your business is typically a matter of how it has worked for similar businesses and how you benchmark to others. From the data, Taylor can determine if you have heating or cooling issues, or if your energy cost per square foot exceeds similar facilities. So let the data guide your decisions. There are also many ways to finance or subsidize these projects and capture every dollar available to you.

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