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Let Taylor show you the most effective and inexpensive way to process your utility bills.

If you are a multi-family property manager or have a diverse portfolio with numerous utility invoices, let Taylor process them for you. There are real costs in opening thousands of bills per month and processing them into your accounting systems. Taylor has built the proverbial better mouse trap and can deliver this efficiency to your business.

Bill Payment

Bill Payment

Receiving, processing and paying utility bills is a time consuming process. For organizations with multiple locations across geographies, the task of managing utility bill data can be daunting, and often overwhelming for AP departments.

Taylor provides AP and Bill Payment services in conjunction with UtilityModule to drive efficiency and accuracy into this essential business process. These services are customized to meet the specific needs of the individual clients. Receiving and processing utility bills in a cost and time effective manner is the first step in this process. Taylor customers then define integration options to accurately sync utility bill data into their accounting systems to facilitate approval and payment. Taylor now offers a full service Bill Pay solution that includes collection, approval, and payment of all essential utility bills, as well as comprehensive reporting and analysis to drive down costs.

As one of our clients, a Director of Purchasing noted, “Taylor’s full service bill pay solution solved the pain our AP department experienced getting utility bills paid on time, and integrates with our accounting system for financial reporting and analysis.”

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