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Taylor has created the largest buying pools in several markets. You can join one and unlock your best pricing.

Boston Buying Power, Philly Buying Power, and Dunkin’ Donuts are some examples of how aggregations can be built organically and benefit members over many years. Small businesses were invited to join each of these buying groups and now enjoy the pricing power of being a small piece of an aggregation that bids out thousands of businesses.


Energy Aggregations

You may be wondering why your business should join an energy aggregation, or what an energy aggregation is. It’s simple really. If your business is in a state that offers deregulated energy, you have three purchasing options: Buy from the utility, buy from a supplier or broker, or buy as a member of Taylor’s aggregation.

Taylor has created the largest energy buying pools across several markets that currently serves tens of thousands of energy accounts across 14 deregulated states who take advantage of competitive rates that result from bulk purchasing. When you buy as a member of our energy aggregation, you join forces with hundreds of similar businesses to increase your chances of getting a competitive rate.

If a company purchases energy as an individual company, it will get individual rates. Should you choose to join an aggregation, Taylor will provide purchasing power by combining your energy load with similar profiles where suppliers compete to give you the most competitive price, regardless of business size. Taylor’s energy experts monitor wholesale markets to ensure optimal purchasing conditions. Once conditions are favorable, we auction the bulk load to qualified suppliers who compete for your business.

Taylor relies on more than 10 years of energy procurement and management experience to make this process easy, and has demonstrated successful results to its clients year in and year out. For example, Taylor is endorsed by the cities of Philadelphia and Boston, where it established successful energy buying programs, Philly Buying Power and Boston Buying Power, that have combined to save businesses millions in utility dollars.

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