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When suppliers compete, your business wins. In each market, for each buying group, whether large or small, there are suppliers ready to aggressively bid for your business.

EnergyAuctions is an online, reverse energy auction platform where Taylor invites suppliers to bid in an open and transparent manner. By combining competitive pricing with market timing and optimal aggregations, your account receives the best pricing available in the market.


Reverse Energy Auction

Taylor’s reverse auction platforms and services are designed to provide your business with the best suppliers, the best market advice, and the most competitive bidding process, which produces the best deal. Our reverse energy auction platform provides a more efficient and effective way to purchase both natural gas and electricity. The transparent format of EnergyAuctions fosters rigorous competition among suppliers, as they bid down prices during the live, online auction. Taylor ensures the suppliers in the auction are thoroughly vetted, while offerings are constantly objectively evaluated with respect to the marketplace, with no bias towards any one supplier.

Why would your business want to run a reverse energy auction versus just getting a direct price? Well it’s simple. You are able to participate and watch the entire bidding event through a live, twenty-minute energy auction, that is both transparent and competitive.

So how does it work? You and all of the qualified, vetted suppliers log in to Taylor’s EnergyAuctions portal after a week of due diligence to get ready. When the auction begins, the suppliers have 20 minutes to place their bids. Since it is a reverse auction, the price of energy gets bid down as the auction proceeds. In the last two minutes, the auction goes blind to all the suppliers and they are only able to see their own bids, leaving them guessing as to what the other suppliers are bidding during the dark period. This encourages them to further bid down the price. This auction process allows you to get highly competitive pricing and make the final decision about which supplier you want to work with, all within 20 minutes or less.

No RFPs, no confusing terms, no question as to who bid what, and no wondering what else is out there. Taylor sets up and runs the auction for you, so all you have to do to select the deal you want.

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