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Whether you’re buying solar credits, installing LED lighting or financing a capital energy project, let Taylor be your champion.

There are hundreds of ways to improve energy efficiency and new technology is expanding that list every day. The project that is best for your business is typically a matter of how it has worked for similar businesses and how you benchmark against others. By analyzing the data, Taylor can determine if you have heating or cooling issues, or if your energy cost per square foot exceeds similar facilities. So let the data guide your decisions. There are also many ways to finance or subsidize these projects and capture every dollar available to you.


Solar and Energy Efficiency

Taylor’s comprehensive approach to energy management includes innovative programs which save money, improve asset value, and protect the environment while transforming the communities, institutions and businesses that we serve.

Renewable Energy projects and contracts help to significantly reduce a property’s operating costs and reach sustainability goals and requirements. Taylor offers a variety of solutions in which our customers can participate. From onsite energy generation to net metering credits, Taylor provides renewable energy services that allow our customers to choose and implement customized renewable and alternative energy solutions that best suit their individual goals.

Taylor evaluates a property’s utility usage, determines the feasibility of implementing solar and energy efficiency projects, and presents available state and federal incentives. We uncover the optimal solution and select the best path forward with proven vendors and suppliers.

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