Our systems can significantly reduce your energy expenses.

Taylor has spent ten years in IT development with data scientists, software architects, and other specialists to develop its energy platforms. We have learned from thousands of customers through thousands of transactions, and all those lessons learned work to your benefit. We like to say that Taylor provides you with the pilot and the plane, throughout our process. Our experienced staff operates these platforms on your behalf to ensure your account unlocks every hidden efficiency.

Energy Auctions

When suppliers compete, you win. When that competition occurs in an online, transparent, and auditable platform, you will see that you are winning with every energy purchase. Our reverse auction bidding platform creates the marketplace for customers and suppliers to meet and transact deals.

Competitive Energy Prices from Suppliers with Taylor's Auction
Analyze Utility and Supplier Energy Data with Taylor's Software


UtilityModule is the most effective utility dashboard in the marketplace because it focuses on how you run your business, not just by executing a contract. It provides easy access to annual budget creation, budget reconciliation, expense tracking, and notifications when action is required. You have too many things to do in your day, so let Taylor and its systems monitor and track your accounts, ensuring that no opportunity is missed.


Energy Scorecard

Our Energy Scorecard is another tool in our energy toolbox that helps put information in your hands. Each month, you receive a system-generated email on the status of your utility accounts and any actionable information. Spending just one minute a month checking an email can give you peace of mind over your utility management.

Taylor's Process Ensures Favorable Energy Prices

Workflow Processing

How can Taylor coordinate so many elements and execute on so many transactions? Our platforms don’t just face the customer, but are also customized for suppliers and Taylor staff. In a volatile marketplace, time matters. We have built the most efficient process to ensure your accounts can quickly get to market at the best time, with the best aggregation, and get bids from the best suppliers.

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