Why Energy Management is Important

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Energy management is more important than ever as businesses look to control costs, conserve energy. and attract younger customers who are conscious about corporate social responsibility (CSR). Unfortunately, many commercial facilities and businesses do not have their own energy manager or lack automated solutions to carry out a strategic energy management program. If you fall into that bucket, read on to learn how Taylor can help.

The Value of Energy Management

Energy management offers multiple benefits to organizations which include

  • Cutting costs through competitive procurement and strategically decreasing consumption
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions for greater corporate social responsibility
  • Tracking your utility costs to prepare more accurate budgets and gain greater insight into your operational costs
  • Reducing reliance on supply chains that are inherently volatile

Therefore, not only does energy management offer short-term benefits, it also can prepare your business to effectively plan for the future by gaining greater insight into the needs of your organization.

So What is Energy Management?

Energy management is the practice of tracking and reducing your organization’s energy consumption. It can involve small steps like monitoring your energy bills or upgrading to LED lights, but it also involves complex financial modeling for future year planning. As an energy management program begins to be forward-looking, the level of sophistication needs to be increased in order to be accurate across a portfolio. Sophisticated energy management programs like this typically incorporate the use of technology to facilitate strategic decision- making that aligns your energy management strategy with business objectives and financials.

How Taylor Can Help With Energy Management

Taylor has created utility tracking software to help businesses for this very purpose. Not only does our software help track the use and cost of energy, but it also assists in preparing energy budgets and predicting future consumption.

For more information about our software and how it can assist in energy management, contact us today!

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