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Taylor’s systems will save you time, effort and money by ensuring compliance through our automated systems.

As part of its core services, Taylor will be managing your data. So why not take advantage of having that data and complete your city energy benchmarking compliance? Cities like New York, Boston, Cambridge, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and many others, require commercial businesses to report their energy costs and usage through EPA Portfolio Manager. UtilityModule tracks these data points for your business and links directly into your PM account, saving time and money.


Energy Benchmarking

Energy benchmarking is a city mandated government program through which city governments can gauge how buildings are using energy, and help city officials manage and report energy consumption by the largest users in their City in order to implement improvements and efficiencies. By comparing buildings energy usage to other similar buildings in the surrounding area, the data can be used to create policies which reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the residents of these cities. This also allows property owners to assess opportunities for improvement, and quantify/verify energy savings.

The program applies to buildings of a certain size which is based on several metrics including square footage and number of units. Buildings that fall within a certain size criteria are legally obligated to submit their annual electric, gas, water, sewer, and other energy usage and costs to the federal government via the EPA portfolio management system. Each year, the minimum size required to report decreases so smaller and smaller buildings have to file. If businesses required to file annual usage and costs do not by the deadline, they could face fines up to $10,000. So, much like filing taxes, it is critical that the submission happens by the deadline designated by the City.

Taylor’s UtilityModule program tracks your usage and cost data every single month for all properties and buildings in your portfolio, and submits that data into the EPA portfolio manager, so meeting your benchmarking requirements is a breeze. In addition, UtilityModule displays usage and cost per square foot and per unit, and the gathered statistics can be compared to other properties in the portfolio as well as the portfolio averages or groups of similar property types to help you unlock efficiencies and improvements.

Taylor Consulting and Contracting is a professional energy manager that has the deep market expertise and state-of-the-art technology to help you become benchmark compliant, find energy saving solutions, and make energy purchasing a breeze.

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