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Taylor’s proprietary algorithms unlock the secrets of effective budgeting.

Taylor prepares your annual utility budgets through the most sophisticated process in the market. Our algorithms factor in weather, utility rates, wholesale market trading, contract activity and trends in your business to create the most accurate budget possible. Once your fixed budget is established, our engines keep churning to make sure you know immediately when conditions change and you must adjust.


Energy Budgeting

You may be asking yourself, how do I easily create an annual energy budget that I can rely on? When taking into consideration the rapid fluctuation in the wholesale markets, changing utility rates, and unpredictable weather, this question is difficult to answer. While all of these factors can impact your budget and financial outlook, many businesses are still using elaborate and confusing spreadsheets, or just adding a percentage to their previous budget in order to create their annual budgets.

Taylor provides you with the necessary tools and knowledge to accomplish your energy budget goals. We start by evaluating utility and supplier options, as well as risk tolerance to create an energy strategy that fits your company’s needs. We provide an easy solution for creating accurate and reliable budgets, with an easy-to-use budget wizard tool that utilizes advanced algorithms to factor in usage patterns, wholesale trading activity, heating and cooling degree days, and current utility tariff filings in order to accurately calculate budgeting expenses.

Whether you are a large or small business, you have the ability to create specific energy budgets for each property or building in your portfolio, for any utility type. Taylor will help guide you every step of the way to create and maintain a more intelligent energy budget, and our highly dependable systems will continually keep you informed of factors that may impact your energy costs and budget through our system-generated alerts.

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